Request to be able to hide system brackets individually

• Apr 29, 2021 - 12:03
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Prefatory staves (which are used when transcribing early music that shows the original clefs, key signatures, and note pitches at the beginning of the first system) can be created by inserting a horizontal frame between bars 1 and 2 of the first system, and by hiding various elements such as bar lines, rests etc, but there is no way to hide the system bracket from the prefatory staves without removing it completely from all other systems.

Example copy.jpg

In the graphic above I've circled in red the bracket I want to hide, while leaving the 'main' system brackets intact.

As a suggestion a possible solution to this problem would be to have the option of 'visible' box in the element inspector that would be applied only to the selected bracket. So in practice to hide a particular bracket from any system you would only have to select the bracket and deselect the visible box in the element inspector.


Title Can't hide first system bracket after adding a horizontal frame between the first and second bars of first system Request to be able to hide system brackets individually
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Actually I've seen at least two other requests for this recently (like within the past month or so). One such request was this exact situation. Another was someone creating a theory worksheet with several measures separate by frames, and they wanted the bracket at the beginning of the system but not after each frame.

The issue with hiding brackets, from an implementation standpoint, is that these are generated on the fly based on which measures happen to be at the start of a system. So it's tough to get them to persist, and we've had all sorts of bugs involving other places where we do try to allow properties to be set on generated elements. So I'm kind of inclined to recommend an alternate approach - instead of making the bracket invisible, to actually have a property on the measure that controls this. Kind of like how we have auto/show/hide for measure numbers. Of course, we could also make it so pressing "V" on the bracket just set the measure property internally.

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I have the same problem. I need to hide the bracket of the courtesy system of an early music edition. At the moment the only way is to remove the first bracket with a pdf editor (sometimes you have to remove many bracket pieces one at a time). It would be nice if in musescore 4 you could make a selected bracket invisible, the first or any other. The situation is already well defined by the example in the post.
Thank you all for the terrific job