Some way to merge separate files?

• Jun 10, 2021 - 08:57

Hi all,
Does anyone know of a way to merge two Musescore files into one? I wrote a single piece, but have the different sections saved to different files. It would save a lot of time to be able to merge them, instead of cutting and pasting, since the sections contain changing meters. Thanks very much!


Seems you want the Album feature. Was in 2.x, got removed from 3.0 with the promise to reintroduce shortly after during 3.x series, didn't happen, and as far as I can tell is not even planned for in 4.x, regardless of a GSoC project for that last year...

See the request to get copy paste all elements in MuseScore.
If that request is implemented lot of things will become possible without any need for album feature.
That request has been submitted for GSoC by Marc so I'm plenty of hope that it will be available one day.

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