Opening files from earlier versions of MuseScore

• Jun 11, 2021 - 21:34

I have a file of a piece I wrote in 2014, using the then version of MuseScore. I wanted to edit it, but when I opened in MuseScore 3.6, the staves were inches apart now (this is a violin-viola duet), and nothing that I can do (removing spacers, removing measures and then restoring them) gets rid if that. Short of completely re-engraving the piece in 3.6, is there any way to fix this?


In 2014, the current version was 1.3. Lots has changed since then. My guess is you relied on a number of hacks to move symbols around that created overlaps that MuseScore 1.3 wasn't smart enough to detect, so for instance, markings physically attached to one staff but physically display overlapping on another. Current versions of MuseScore will add space to prevent the overlap, so it's important to add markings to the correct staff rather than rely on hacks like dragging from one staff to another.

As mentioned, if you attach your score, we can probably have you sorted out quickly.

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