firefox and mscore

• Oct 29, 2009 - 11:56
S5 - Suggestion

I'm just switching from Capella/Windows to musescore running under Ubuntu 9.04
I can run mscore without any furhter problem, but it occupies obviously the (onboard ) soundcard of my laptop.
So wenn I hear/see for Example some youtube Videos with "firefox" . mscore failed to start or I have to stop firefox at all and then mscore works well again.
After struggling around for more then a week , I supposed pulseaudio as the problem and decided to purge it.
ALSA was configured with dmix in my .asoundrc and an alias primary.
Then I was able to use Youtube and for example mplayer at the same time.
But when using mscore I had the same problem as before . First, it didnt except under I/O the Input and did not save it.
Even mscore -F changed to sometimes default and sometimes (when/why) to hw:0
After editing the ini_file under MuSe I could address the card also by the alias primary.
Nevertheless the card/device was blocked then for all other apllications.
I like to hear something in youtube (piano for example ) and notice some riffs in mscore the same time .
What have I to do or what did you or I wrong ?
Nevertheless I will continue to use mscore and are starting to make all my new score with musescore.
I like to have tools that live on different OS-Systems (I'm an aged SAP professionell , using UNIX and WindowsServer).
So please keep on developing your program.


Depending of the version of Musescore you are using, you might be able to choose Portaudio in Edit->Preferences/IO.
If you can, choose portaudio and try some device and api

Status (old) active fixed

Thank you for your fast reply.
The fault was mine, some more "tuning" of the .asoundrc did it.
I had to use type plug with default and type dmix with the slave.
Why I got different entries in I/O I can't understand and it's hard to reproduce.
Changed too much , when removing the last parts of pulseaudio.
At the moment all looks fine, thanks again.
It's a good feeling. that someone is reacting so fast , when one is in trouble.