Changing only one line of a piano score to another instrument

• Jul 22, 2021 - 02:23

Is there a way to play back a piano score with either the treble or bass clef sounding like another instrument.

I realize I could create another staff, paste and copy and mute the copied staff. But if there is a simple way to just play back as say an oboe or plucked bass I'd like to know.



It's possible, in a way that might not seem better for one score only, but would be better if you do this often. Change from piano to some instrument with multiple channels, like violin. Then use the Mixer to assign the sounds to the subchannels as you see fit. Save the result to your templates folder for easy reuse. Then just add the "pizz" text (or a customized text of your own) to set it to the sound you assigned that subchannel.


Thank you for your answer. I have been using musescore for some time and yet only discovered the mixer the other day. Is there a tutorial out there on its use. I think I get the concept but the talk of channels and subchannels is new to my musescore argot.

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