r2150: flat's change to sharp's

• Nov 1, 2009 - 18:52
S4 - Minor

Copying a 7-note lines system (20 pg.) in F major to a newly created system with 9 note lines, all flat's (the implicit ones too) are changing to sharp's.


To produce a minimal example I tried several times like this:
- deleted all pages of my score except for the first three, didn't save that result (starred flag)
- created a new score
- clicked to the flag to get back to my score
- musescore crashes

Maybe sometime I'll try again...

Status (old) active closed

If you are able to include steps so others can recreate this then reopen this issue.

I opened a multi-page score, deleted all but the first three pages, created a new score, clicked on the tab to get back to the first score. MuseScore did not crash for me.