Combining diacritics wrongly placed in text

• Feb 12, 2022 - 16:15
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Enter lyrics into a score including combining diacritic characters.
At the latest after saving and opening they are wrongly placed.

In case the mscz attachment looks all right you can see that "vroͤun" and "bluͦmen" are wrongly rendered in the pdf.

It may be relevant that I am using Linux.

For ""bluͦmen" there is a workaround with the single character "ů", but this isn't available for all cases.

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Neither are diacritics, but separate letters and the PDF renders them exactly as the score does (o resp. u with followed by a superscript e resp. o ?), so I don't see your issue?

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... and both are indeed diacritics. The first is ͤ unicode U+0364, COMBINING LATIN SMALL LETTER E, and the second is ͦ unicode U+0366, COMBINING LATIN SMALL LETTER O
Both should be above the letter they modify and not following it. Chromium gets it right on my computer, but I just found out that Firefox doesn't, so maybe you aren't seeing "vroͤun" and "bluͦmen" correctly in the original bug report.

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"Reigen": In modern German orthography. If this thing were in modern orthography it wouldn't have the diacritics in the first place.
"Springe": looks like it's a first-person plural imperative in whatever dialect this was written in. Which I have no intention of translating into Hochdeutsch.

No, nouns are starting with an upper case letter in German ever since. And "Springe" is imparative singlular ever since too, while "we" is plural ever since,
Not related to diacriticis at all, so that's not the point of this issue at all.

Whatever, Edge (which is Chromium based) and MuseScore show these the same (as separate letters), Adobe Acrobat Reader too, so I don't see the issue.

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The point of the pdf file was to show how musescore was getting it wrong, in case that didn't show up in the mscz file on your system. So Acrobat showing the diacritics in the wrong place is desired behaviour.
If Edge is doing the same, that's a bug in Edge.
The issue is that the text should look something like this screenshot.

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More digging around shows that this is a font problem: in the default lyrics font (Edwin) the diacritics are wrongly placed. In some other fonts, they are properly rendered. In particular, MScore Text and Leland get it right and nearly right, respectively.