Allow look-ahead while panning vertically during playback

• Mar 12, 2022 - 22:27
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Currently MuseScore repositions the view only the moment the cursor falls outside the view area. This means that you, as a player, have no score look-ahead if you're at the "bottom" system of the current viewport.

If MuseScore would reposition the view so you always at least see the current + next system if possible you'll end up with more total score repositioning, but should get a "smoother" play-along experience as the human player.

This would be useful Single Page View as well as in normal Page View if "Scroll Vertically" is enabled.


Great idea. That is a needed feature for people who naturally read ahead and want to practice during score playback, while reading from the screen.

I'd also like to see a score setting that advances the score (possibly by x beats or by % of current measure) before the onset of the next measure ... similar to how a musician reads ahead. The setting would be approximately equal to NextMeasureStartTimePoint - timeThatReaderLooksAhead to the next measure.

I'd like to see that setting in the PlayPanel and possibly in the main Toobar for easy access.

Without much thinking, wouldn't this be tit-for-tat? If two systems were shown at a time with the addition of what I understand the desired behavior to be of this suggestion, that means the playback would always be reading at the top system (until possibly the final system view), which means that the second system would become the first system most of the time, and so your eyes would have to get used to seeing the second system become the first system when finished reading the first system. I'm sure I'm not being thorough, but merely giving a quick opinion - I prefer to read to the end of a system without having anything jump or scroll until done with that system, I then expect to look down to read the second system which exists already when reading the first system, and I expect to look upwards when reading a second system at the bottom of the screen in anticipation of scrolling - though this is in no way an attempt to justify any current behavior.

Oh of course i was thinking about one system. That is one drumset.

Poor thinking on my part that multiple instruments could be visible, so look ahead wouldnt work. 🙃

I would really appreciate this in Single Page view for when I am rehearsing. Single Page is often the best way for me to play from the screen but when the part I am playing is at the bottom of the page like this, the page jumps up when the playback reaches the very last note on the display.
Vertical smooth pan.png

Will it be more rests? Or something fast and complicated? I find out when the page jumps up and I find out whether I am already supposed to be playing... I recognise that it's more complicated when there are a lot of parts in the system (actually, this piece has some of them hidden) but it would be wonderfully helpful if I always had the next system on the screen.

I can imagine that if you have two or more systems on the screen in Single Page view, you could pan the page up when the first system lines were played to keep the playing region at the top of the screen. And then the number of parts in the system and the zoom factor would determine how much fitted on the display. And if it the vertical pan was smooth so that it didn't make the playing difficult, even better.

(I find MuseScore a hugely valuable tool for rehearsing. Thank you for all the amazing work you do to make it so useful).

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One literally cannot sight-read along with the player (hands-free) because the page panning, even when formatted to a single page (thru-score with no segues) doesn't change until the last visible measure is fully played out leaving no time to process the first few beats after the panning. When it does turn, sometimes it advances to the next full page and sometimes the next system (regardless of how many systems are left) ie unpredictably. When it advances, it cuts off lyrics and or ledger lines (out of frame on top or bottom).

Musescore admin:
(I've cued the videos so you only need watch a few seconds of each for clarification)
Here are some samples of how this could work vertical scrolling adjustable by beat. vertical scrolling by measure
(for higher tempos) continuous vertical horizontal scrolling continuous
this is how soundslice pans the score: horizontal scrolling return

I'm no programmer so I can't do anything to help in that regard. I can only chim in and confirm that "allow look ahead" or some sort of vertical pan/scroll would be really appreciated (in page view).

I think some people would prefer to stick to a more natural way of seeing the music than continuous view. Might not be the best for multiple staff per system (quintet and + could stick to continuous) but no problem for guitar/piano/ukulele/etc. witch i would assume it's a pretty big user base.

It would only need to shift one system earlier of what its currently doing. In the current state, it is impossible to correctly sight read when reaching the bottom of page.

Hope this gets implemented ;)


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>> [Page view ] would only need to shift one system earlier of what its currently doing. In the current state, it is impossible to correctly sight read when reaching the bottom of page.


This feature would transform MuseScore into a better practice tool. I'd also use it when editing!

Seems like this would have been addressed long ago.