Play middle C on Midi enabled keyboard and an F# show up on the measure.

• Mar 24, 2022 - 17:11
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S3 - Major
needs info
  1. Plug in keyboard through USB port
  2. Turn on keyboard.
  3. Open Musescore.
  4. Create new score.
  5. Give title.
  6. Enable the Keyboard through Musescore.
  7. Checked Preferences to see if keyboard recognized.
  8. Checked input notes.
  9. Play Middle C and an F# appears on score.
  10. All notes sound good, Everything just shows up higher on the scale with all kinds of sharps and flats.


Frequency Many Once
Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Status active needs info

What instrument did you add to the score?
By chace a transposing Instrument?

Also be sure the clef is the one you intend. Some of the clefs look similar but are positioned different and describe different pitches. And also be sure your keyboard itself isn't set to transpose.

if you continue to perceive a problem, please attach your score and say which note specifically you entered as a C that isn't displaying correctly.

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JoJo, Thanks for your attempts to help me. The instrument I am entering is piano. I am not aware of any transpositioning settings that I am using. I simply connect the keyboard to my computer, turn it on, open Musescore, it is recognized, and click the enable Midi icon. Then when I play, it is transpositioned higher. I have tried to transposition the notes down, but I cannot get it to the actual notes I am playing on the keyboard. I am a newbie to this software. Forgive my ignorance.

Once again, in order to understand and assist, we really need you to attach your score, and to say which specific note you believe is displaying incorrectly. As it is, all we can do is guess, and my guess remains that you have entered the wrong clef and have a transposition set up either within MuseScore or within your keyboard. Once you attach your score we can advise better.

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I think your keyboard is called: "Keystation 49es"; not "Playstation 49es".

Maybe the transpose function is stuck in the internal settings of the keyboard.
try to "Factory Reset" your keyboard:

  1. Power off Keystation 49es.
  2. Hold down the buttons "ADVANCED", "OCT+", and "OCT-" simultaneously, until step 4.
  3. Power on Keystation 49es.
  4. Release the three buttons.
    The Keyboard is now back to the factory default settings.

After this process, can you try to enter notes again?