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• Jun 8, 2022 - 09:54

I'm trying to get measure 15 to look like the attached image. I can't seem to let it get me to add the last note.

In my editing, when I first started that note was there. But, when I went to enter the half note, the last quarter note disappeared. Why did that happen? How can you get it to add notes and leave the existing notes there? (Sorry, I cannot give you the exact steps I did to make that happen.)

I'm thinking it might have to do with the voices, the 1,2,3,4. I'd like to use those to my advantage when I'm editing, but I'm not sure how they affect things.

Thanks for your assistance.


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In the treble clef measure, your voice 2 notes don't total to 4 beats. Swap voice 1 & 2 and then swap them back to see the (somehow got deleted) eighth rest (beat 3.5) onto which the E4 quarter note should be placed. This will leave beat 4.5 available for the B3 eighth note, which remains in voice 2.
(Compare to your image where you have the E4 quarter note playing on beat 4 and therefore needed to use voice 3 for the B3 final note)

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I appreciate the multiple people who have responded and the fixing of my file.

However, I don't know if you have heard the saying "Give a person a fish, they eat for a day. Teach a person to fish, they live for a lifetime."

Regarding the issue of adding notes to a measure, or in my case correcting measures to represent the song correctly, I have a number of measures that need to be corrected, as it turns out.

I have read the Voices section, however, I am still a little clear on the approach to correcting a measure. I was hoping for something like: The general idea is this. The first thing to check is this. Look for this. When it's like this you do that. You can also do this.

That is, a general, overall, 1000 foot view of what is going on and how to fix it in all cases.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I appreciate it immensely.

If you need something to work with, I just attached the whole song. Measure 7 is not correct and following the previous example (as best I can), I can't seem to get it to work.

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Just delete that broken measure (using Ctrl+Del), insert a new ine (using Ins) and enter it manually. Or right-click into the measure, measure properties, and correct the actual duration to match the nominal diration, then delete (usig Del) and re-enter the notes.
PDF imports are mostly useless, very often it is far more work correcting them than entring everything by hand.

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Thanks for the information. I'm using data from a music sheet scanning software. It is generally correct, but has a few measures that are not correct, but much better than by hand. As I mentioned, could you tell me how to correct measure 7? Correcting or entering from scratch, I think it is more or less the same thing: either way, I would have trouble entering that last quarter note. Any help would be appreciated.

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Looks like you tried changing the last sixteenth of the measure, but that's not the problem - it's all four sixteenth of beat 4. Despite the typo on the score, those were never meant to be plain sixteenths - they were meant to be triplets. Easiest thing really is just to retype that beat. Move the cursor back to the start of beat 4 (the high B), make sure you're in note input mode, and enter the following:

1) type 4 or click eighth note duration on toolbar
2) press Ctrl+3 or use Add / Notes / Tuplets
3) enter the three triplet sixteenths - type "B G E" or however you like to enter notes
4) type 4 or click eighth note duration again
5) enter the final "B"

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Could you tell me how to fix measure 25? It has the majority of notes already, so I'd rather not start from scratch. When I try to fix it, the notes change. So, maybe there's something basic that I'm not understanding. If you could take me through the change, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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First step is to go through the notes one at a time to understand what voices they are in. You'll see that voice 1 is totally correct. Voice 2 has a single eighth note on beat three and it doesn't belong there at all, so simply delete it (and the rest that replaces it). Voice 3 is the half note on beat 3, and that's fine as is other than the fact that it is stem up when it should be down. The "quick fix" is to press "X". The real fix is to use Tools / Voices / Exchange Voice 2-3 to move that chord to voice 2 where it belongs, then the stem will be down automatically.

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I'm with you so far. I appreciate the detail. I attached what I have so far. Why is the first note not red? How can I get it to be red? (should it be red?) I'm not sure the significance of the stems going up or down? Now I'm trying to add the eighth note. When I go through the different voices. only voice 3 has the stem up so I'm thinking I would add using that. However, when I add the note to the staff, the other notes change. I don't want the notes to change. How can I get them to stay as they are? It is great that you are taking me through things because I'd really like to understand what is happening.

For the eighth note and the dotted note what voice should they be?

Thanks tremendously for your help

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The sharp is needed there to make clear that is itsn't the G natural tied over from the previous measure, but a G# as per the key signature. That may not be the intention though, not sure, soselect the note, use down arrow, turns it into a natural, for the reasons stated above (it needs to be repeated, as this is a new measure).
You can't have that note without an accidental.

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