Tremolo absent on tambourine, piano, marimba in larger score, works fine in "test score"

• Jul 30, 2022 - 01:40

Hello: In a score I am migrating from .XML to MS, at some point in the recent past I thought there was no playback problem with notated tremolo on tambourine, piano and marimba parts in the score. Then those articulations have seemed to stop working.

I erased and recreated a few locations where the tremolo was at, no effect. I checked the 'instrument' setting in Mixer, seemed sensible. Then I created a brand-new score with said 3 instruments, and added some tremolo locations. All those work as desired.

"New Rhapsody..." is the problem score.



Sorry, yes, it's a big place to find the problems in...

(Marimba, piano, cajon, tambourine, vocals are SOLOED... The rest is muted.)

Problem measures:
Measure 38, marimba & piano
Measure 80, tambourine
Measure 112, marimba & piano


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Marimba and Piano in meas. 38, the notes need to be marked "Play" in the Inspector.

Tambourine in measure 80 needs to be marked "Play" in the Inspector. Also, in the Mixer, uncheck 'Drumset" and then check it again to restore the Tambourine sound.

Marimba and Piano in meas. 112:
"Play" is unchecked in the Inspector. Notes were made stemless. It's not a tremolo at all, but a 1:32 tuplet. Notice the number 1.

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(also Marc Sabatella) Well I have NO IDEA how those problem spots had their PLAY setting disabled! But now I'm understanding more about the Inspector pane. And for the notation clarification... Thanks alot to you both for the help. I'm proud of this work and was chomping-at-the-bit to get it added to my scores. As a Vocal/Choir K-12 teacher, learning the many instruments has taken a long time to acquire notation comfort.

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