Rhythmic Slash Notation: Inconsistent vertical placement when pasted

• Oct 7, 2022 - 13:32


I'm using rhythmic staff notation for the first time and I noticed that the slashes are placed differently if pasted compared to when created manually.

All the more annoying as the specs in the Inspector remain the same even though in reality there's a half-space discrepancy, so it's a bit complicated when trying to align a combination of pasted and newly created notes. What is worse, it seems to affect only notes and not rests.

From my experience voice 3 goes down a half space and voice 4 goes up a half space when pasted.

For now the workaround is to copy/paste the entirety of the voice so that at least there's a single point of reference in vertical placement.


Hmm, I think the problem is a little different. When I load your file, I don't see a problem. Nor do I see one if I make another copy of those bars. But, if I create a new passage manually, I see the notes are slightly higher indeed. It fixes itself on save & reload.

So I'd say, ignore the slightly incorrect positions you see initially, it fixes itself (and matches the copy/paste result) on save/reload.

I'm not sure how the discrepancy happens, though.

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