Need to be able to suppress chord playback in version 4

• Dec 20, 2022 - 17:06
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Play the score
There's no place to turn off the chord playback
I NEVER want to hear the chords played -- the default should be OFF

It is not an acceptable workaround to enter the chords as text

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If you open the mixer, you can mute the chord channels. That way, you can enter the chords as chords but don't have to turn off "play" for all of them.

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This turns off the unwanted chord sounds in the current file. However, it It is not an acceptable solution. I have 1,000+ other musescore files. The "No Unwanted Chord Noise" setting needs to be an option in the style section like it is in Musescore release 3.

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I understand the conflict. The unwanted chord noises are someone's "good" idea that got passed around the group and implemented a few years ago. But there is a group of professional users who for whom the unwanted chord noises are problematic and. yes, critical because it would mean not using Musescore 4 until it is fixed. We would very much appreciate the same fix in Musescore 4 as was implemented after a similar round of discussion on Musescore 3 -- i.e., an ON/OFF flag in the style box that can be saved and applied to all scores. Thank you

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In Musescore 3 it is a setting on the style page, which can then be saved to the template that can be applied to any score. This was implemented after a lengthy discussion about the problem that should have resolved the issue.

In Musescore 4, as you point out, it is now a toggle that has to be set for every musescore file. There is a large minority of Musescore users who find this to be intrusive, unwanted, and inconvenient. The fix needs to work like in Musescore 3 -- i.e., one setting that can be applied as a template to any score.

I recommend opening an issue on GitHub to register your request. In it,. you might want to explain the special reasons you are inserting chord symbols into your score but not wanting to hear them played. Calling it "noise" doesn't really help your cause. Chord symbols are a notation that would normally be expected to play music, just as surely as a note on the staff would. And notes also have the ability to disable playback for the special situations where this makes sense. It's valid request, but using derogatory language won't increase the chance the request being honored.

Sorry for the attitude. It's just that I thought this issue was resolved with the fixes in Musescore 3 -- where I spent a lot of time explaining why I didn't want automatic chord sounds...
When I want to hear chord sounds in playback, I write the chords in a separate line. That way I get the voicing, the note length, the arpeggio/staccato effects, etc. the score requires.
I use Musescore for teaching music theory -- where you want students writing and reading chords.
I use Musescore to create charts for performance/recording, etc. where chord symbols are not expected to be played -- they are a guide for accompanists, improvisers etc. to enhance the performance.

These are not special reasons -- these are ways to use the software to get exactly what the teacher/performer/composer intends. I have made 1000+ scores and have never encountered a situation where it is advantageous to have chord sounds played automatically. When this issue was "resolved" in Musescore 3 there was an acknowledgement that this is a legitimate point of view.

Indeed, I remember those discussions. But it's totally different people involved in making design decisions these days, so you'll basically need to start from scratch in explaining your use cases. And as I mentioned, the place you'll need to do that is in the GitHub issues tracker.

It's certainly true that there exist special cases where chord symbol playback would not be desired for whatever reason. But they are not the norm, and it's basically statistically impossible that 1000 randomly selected scores would literally all not benefit from chord symbol playback. So the fact that your work puts you in the position over having over 1000 scores where not ta single one would benefit makes you almost unique in the world. And yet, yes, the ability to turn chord symbols off now and then remains important for everyone, and that's why the control is present, and rather easier to access than before.

So, the unique attributes of your particular situation - having 1000's of scores where literally none of them should have chords symbols playing - this is what people are going to have a hard time wrapping their brains around at first. So you'll want to be patient and explain with actual real world examples.

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Given that there is a toggle for Play Chord Symbols accessed from the gear icon on the Play toolbar, and that is a universal setting, meaning that it applies both to open windows and to any future windows you open, I don't understand why this is other than a very minor issue. Will keep reading comments as they appear.

It is indeed, so if you've turned it off, it should stay off. But if you've turned it on for one score, then load a score where it was previously turned off, then it will be on in the newly loaded score as well - the saved settings in the score don't override the toolbar setting. I think that's the source of the complaint? I know I personally would prefer the state of chord symbol playback to be saved as part of the score. I guess that will happen if, instead of using the global control, you mute the mixer channel - that would be a way to make sure it's always off. But there probably isn;t a way for a score to force chord symbols on every time it loads. I haven't really tested extensively to see exactly how each possible combination works, because it's trivial to toggle a button if it's ever not the way I want at any given moment,