very slow and playback sucks

• Dec 23, 2022 - 04:10
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literally all i have to do is open it to reproduce the issue and load a score. The playback is also not great, very glitchy and slow and crackly


Status active needs info

It is best to ask for help on the support forum and include more info on your system - what OS, what CPU, what audio hardware, etc. Pften there are simple settings you can adjust that improve things, but the details vary by system so providing that info would be important, also using the forum, which will be seen by far more people with system experience than here.

As mentioned, if you are experiencing some sort of audio issue, please ask for help on the Support forum where people with more system administration experience can give advice on audio settings that might work better for you. Be sure to say what OS you are on and what audio device you are using. Normally sound is great, but there are a small number of systems for which tweakis to the audio settings are needed.

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I found a solution to this for Windows 10 with my computer. With "msconfig" you can enable all cores and maximise the memory used. (Win + R, enter "msconfig", boot tab, advanced options, number of processors - choose the highest number available, OK). Also click on the memory tab and choose the maximum available. Then restart the computer. This worked for me - playback is now OK and long delays have gone.

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After this setting (max cores and memory) the comp did not boot. I had to dig in the net to find the way to undo it.
So no medicine for everyone.

EDIT It looks like MS4 uses only one core.

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On my Windows 10 with 8-core AMD FX-8370, 16 GB RAM + Samsung SSD, MuseScore 4 is practically unusable. Startup time about 50 seconds, response to commands over 1-3 seconds, Format > Style... menu takes about 90 seconds to load, etc. CPU usage still shows around 5-10 percent, i.e. the problem is not insufficient CPU performance. I don't know where the problem is, MuseScore 3 works flawlessly and very fast.

Title musescore 4 very slow and playback sucks help
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the music plays too slow and too high

Title help very slow and playback sucks
Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical
Type Functional Performance

the music plays too slow and too high