Saving score to cloud causes all subsequent saves to export audio and save to cloud again.

• Dec 25, 2022 - 19:18
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by design

Create any 4.0 files and save it to the cloud. Then work on the file some more and press save. It automatically exports the audio and trys to save to the cloud again. This is simply stupid design. Needs to go back to the sensible design of 3.6 which allow you to choose saving to disk or cloud with a single keystroke instead of running off to never-never land.


Title Musescore 4.0 problems with saving the file Saving score to cloud causes all subsequent saves to export audio and save to cloud again.
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There is an option in preferences to control whether audio is exported (see attached image), but I don't think that addresses the bulk of your issue.

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After trying this feature, I agree that not every save should be a cloud save. There are certain revisions that I want to save to the cloud and export audio, and some revisions that should only live on my hard drive, no where else.

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Exactly! In 3.6 there were two icons. Click one and it saved the file to disk, overwriting the previous version. If you wanted to save it as a separate version it was easy to simply append a version number to the file during the save process.

Click the cloud icon and it would save to It had two checkboxes, one to export the audio, the other to allow you to choose whether to overwrite the previous version or save as a separate version. 3.6 was clear, easy to understand, and did not add extra steps to the workflow.

4.0 adds a level of complexity that is not necessary and confusing.

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I think you are confusing "save to cloud" with "publish to". The latter is the thing I think you want - the thing that works more like 3.6. "save to cloud" is a new feature that does what the description says it will do - it makes the cloud instead of locally. That's why you are asked if you want to save to cloud or locally. if you choose cloud, it makes that is where the file lives, not locally. You can choose how often you want it to regenerate the audio.

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But there really is a problem with this.
If you have in the ini file ~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore4.ini
then the "save as" option always wants to save to the 'cloud'
if the option is reset to
then you can save locally again.
I did not find any option in the Preferences to control this.