Player playing sounds from multiple places in the score at the same time. At later parts in the score, no sounds play from the piano instrument at all. Seemingly only affects the piano.

• Dec 28, 2022 - 11:49
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S3 - Major

This is all on the latest version of Musescore 4 as of writing (28-12-2022).

Play from the beginning or at any point in the score and it will be obvious that the piano does not play what is written. Or, alternatively it does play what is written, but also plays elements from way further in the score. Sometimes no sound plays at all, seemingly beginning at some point further into the score.
At the beginning the piano playback starts with a loud bang of all the keys (or something akin to that).
Measure 1421 stops playing the piano all together. Somewhere on page 53 the players starts playing only from the position it should be at. The measure being played at the start of the score are somwhere before 2869, probably 2850-ish.

I understand creating a score as long and big as this one is probably a pretty stupid and foolish thing to do to begin with, but I thought I'd report the bug since this didn't happen on Musescore 3.5 (or whatever version I was on last, I forget). It was laggy and prone to crashing on that version of the programme, but this has made the score unusable.

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I have similar problems on a long score. After 36 minutes all stops playing using Muse Sounds. Also at start (or start of play at later position) strange notes from that 36 minute point onward. Just to test it I changed back to MS Basic and all played well. Also, deleting all notes after this 36 min. point the wrong notes went away. But this is not a solution, of course.

I started playback from the beginning and listened a while but didn't notice anything obviously off. Can you be more specific about which measures have a problem?

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You mean, if you start playback at the beginning, the very first note is note as you expect? It is for me. Maybe somehow something went wrong in your installation of Muse Sounds? Try removing and reinstalling. If you still hear an issue, please make a screen recording and share it here so others can understand what you are hearing.

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I used MuseHub to install MS4 and individual Muse Sounds including strings and keys. There was no indication of any error. MS4 seems to be v4.0.0.2234772. I am not sure how to uninstall Muse Sounds or which version I have. MuseHub tells I am up to date. Computer is laptop i7 4-core 2.8GHz, Windows 11 Home 22H2. But I continue to check. I might continue with my own thread in the Forum side.

To uninstall the sounds, Alt+click them in Muse Hub. You can see the tooltip tell you this if you hover your mouse there. Best to also uninstall Muse Hube itself afterwards. Then reinstall it all.

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OK, I got all removed. I had to reboot before Muse Sound libraries could be removed. I installed from the link on this site first hub, then MS4 and last (this time) all libraries in one package. Result was the same at least on my own score.
It says that mp4 can not be shared here. I finally got that it can be zipped...

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I did some experiments (windows 10) with the file A_new_Brain.mscz, that Maxkapacitet uploaded.

MuseScore 3.62 opens the file A_new_Brain.mscz and starts to play it apparently OK. Then I export the file to musicXML.
MuseScore 3.62 tells that the file A_new_Brain.mxl is not a valid MusicXML file. MuseScore is able to open the file however, and it starts to play it apparently OK.

MuseScore 4.0 opens the file A_new_Brain.mscz. The playback sounds to me not right, similar to what Maxkapacitet told.
MuseScore 4.0 tells that the file A_new_Brain.mxl is not a valid XML file. MuseScore is not able to open the file.

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Workaround No Yes

Workaround: Replace obsolete Windows 10 compatible computer with Windows 11 compatible computer.

My last submission failed. I am unable to attach the 16 MB mp4 file that demonstrates the problem. I was able to post the failure of Bach's Chorale haminisations 1-120 on the "Corrupt MuseScore 4 Update?" thread in the Conversation Community.

Device Specifications:
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable)
Product ID 00330-50066-10161-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Storage: 476 GB with 394 GB free

Windows Specifications:
Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 22H2
Installed on 4/‎4/‎2021
OS Build 19045.2364
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0

MuseScore 4 Specifications: Version; Revision 5485621
Qt Specifications: Version 5.15.2

I downloaded the attached score, and could not reproduce it on Mac, but definitely on Windows. It is also specific to Muse Sounds for me. I'll send it to the Muse Sounds colleagues :)

Update: the Muse Sounds team have a fix ready for this, that will be included in the next update, but the fix requires a change in MuseScore itself, so it will be released together with the next MuseScore update.