Musescore crashes when I try to change an instrument

• Jan 4, 2023 - 21:34
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To recreate my issue you first must be on a score with a guitar in tablature, then you add the text to change instrument. then you select any instrument that doesn't use tablature and musescore crashes


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In order for anyone to begin to confirm or investigate further, you would need to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

so I open the score, click on bar 1, add the change instrument text from the text palette, select bongos in the change instrument wizard, press "OK" and then musescore crashes

Hmm, it works fine for me following those steps, although of course it's quite odd to then have bongo tablature, and I could easily imagine there being problems connected to that eventually. Looks like you're on Windows, maybe someone on that OS can try to confirm the issue there...

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I have the exact same issue with (OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-223472200, revision: 5485621) except the instrument I am trying to change to from a guitar with tablature is to a harp. I followed the 4 step process in the handbook exactly to change instruments and when I select OK... Musescore crashes. It will always do this.

I made it even easier. I got rid of the Tablature and then linked a staff . I then added an instrument change from Guitar to Harp. All you have to do is change the linked staff to a linked Tablature in the test.mscz and the score will freeze for a second and then vanish.

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I can confirm this crash on windows 10

open musescore 4
create a new score from template: solo guitar, normal staff + tablature
put at least one note in the score, I used the staff
click the rest on next measure
replace the instrument: e.g. flute or unpitched percussion, cymbal
and we have the crash

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Do the crash.mscz 19.39 KB

Tried to replace each of Bass, Ukelee and Trombone in this score with a Piano and MS 4.02 crashes instantly (Windows 11)

OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651553, revision: dbe7c6d

  1. Open score
  2. View Instruments
  3. Click on cog next to Bass -> Replace Instrument
  4. Select Piano
  5. Crash

I was able to replace the Trombone with a Flute, but it looks if you replace a one-stave instrument with a two-stave instrument it crashes.

Subsequent use of the Instrument panel shows it is extremely fragile. Add new instrument (piano) -> crash. Change Ukelele from Tablature to Standard notation -> crash.

I'm not able to reproduce that in either 4.0.2 or a nightly build of 4.1. Are you sure there are no additional steps required? I tried it with bass, uke, and trombone,, all succeeded in being replaced with piano (other than goofy tablature of course).