Some notes are not playing during playback

• Jan 19, 2023 - 09:27
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In the attached sample, two notes of the trumpet voice are not played back in musescore 4.0.1 as marked in the screenshot attached. They are even not played if only the trumped voice is played.

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I've been experiencing the same problems with no solution in sight. Either MuseScore fixes this shit, or they're going to lose long-time supporters.

Title Some notes are not playing during playback Some notes are not playing during playback

Trumpet is not the only instrument that is affected.

I suppose that swing changes the timing of the notes and they get overlapped. You can get the silent notes to play when you write a short rest before them. Sure looks ugly.

I don't know if there is a way to edit directly the note data, then you would not need the rests.

I also have this same problem. The issue occurs even when importing a midi file or with notes input via note input, but only while playing back. Setting specific velocities also does not help

I have the same problem with string quartet/string trio scores. Deleting the notes and re-inputting works about 40% of the time. Sometimes it stays fixed for only one or two playbacks. VERY FRUSTRATING when trying to hear harmonies and fit in an arrangement. The only work-around that I've found is to copy the effected measure(s) to a different part of the score, test it to make sure it plays (so far always), then copy it back on top of the original spot. Voila! It plays.

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Just had the same issue, quickest workaround was to highlight the offending section, move it up a semitone and then back down again. (Up arrow then down arrow). Saves re-entering or copying from somewhere else.