Copy/Pasting lyrics inserts "<font" instead of copied lyrics from another note (and will not replace selected text)

• Jan 31, 2023 - 16:37
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S4 - Minor
GitHub issue

I'm very sorry if this is being reported in the wrond place. I clicked on "Signaler un bug" under "Aide" which opened this window.
I'm unsure what "For support requests or potential bug reports, please post in the forum." means, but a link on this page, perhaps on the "post in the forum" part of the text would have sent me to the right page--if this is the wrong one.

1) Open a pre-existing single (associated with one note) lyric.
2) Select all text.
3) Copy text. (I used CTRL + C on my Windows 11 Surface Pro X.)
4) More than one way to get undesired result :
a - Open "Insert lyric" on any note an paste in the blank light blue box. (I used CTRL + L on my device.)
b - Open for editing any pre-existing lyric and paste what you believe will be the desired text.

Workaround :
This does not occur if you copy/paste from a Google Doc or Word, but selecting an entire pre-existing lyric and trying to replace it by pasting the selected text will only add the (intended) replacement text to the pre-existing lyric. (The selected lyric will not be overwritten.) You must first delete any text you want to replace.

This is only slightly annoying if, for example, you want to replace separate "o" and "e" letters in favour of the squished-together single character "œ" in the word "cœur" (in French) or but it would be nice to have any selected section of text replaced, just a is normal in any word processing.


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Thanks for the quick reply Jojo. You're issue is very close to mine, however this bug doesn't appear when copying text from MuseScore 4 to an Apple device/program (or other external application). It's simply copying and pasting one lyrics from MuseScore back into another lyric field.
My symptom is also not quite as severe as yours. I haven't seen multiple formatting tags, just the opening, quite literally "