Ctrl+X should perform "cut" when editing text

• Sep 25, 2014 - 19:53
S4 - Minor

On Xubuntu 14.10 (MuseScore commit 5f30234), open a score and add any text, for example staff text. Say we have this text:

Staff text for testing shortcuts

While editing text, test the following steps.

Cut text

Select a word, for example testing. Now, do Ctrl+X to cut text.

Result: it does nothing. This shortcut doesn't work.

Copy text

Select letters inside a word, for example stin for the word testing. Do Ctrl+C to copy, go to the end of the line and do Ctrl+V to paste.

Result: we now have this:

Staff text for testing shortcutsesting shortcuts

Note that Ctrl+C didn't copy the selection stin, but copied from one letter before the selection to the end of the line, so esting shortcuts.

Expected result:

Staff text for testing shortcutsstin

Copy special characters and newlines

Add a special character (F2) in the staff text, for example unicodeNoteQuarterUp. Add also a newline. We have:


Do Ctrl+A to select all, do Ctrl+C to copy, go to the end of the text and do Ctrl+V to paste. Don't exit the edit mode.

Result: the special character and the newline that were pasted are not displayed correctly:


Now, exit the edit mode.

Result: the pasted newline is displayed correctly, but not the pasted special character:



That build is a few days old, more recent ones fix the problem with Copy getting the wrong text. But I don't know that Cut has ever worked. I'm changing the title of this issue to reflect that.