Musecore 4.0.2 File Corruption Error

• Mar 13, 2023 - 22:43

Just installed the Musecore 4.0.2 update and have the error Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0 for one of my pieces. I'm on Windows 64-bit version 10+. Any fix would be great.


I have the same issue with a score I was creating. I spent many hours putting it together and now it is corrupt with the same exact error (Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0). This is the only piece I was working on during the upgrade from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2

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We Three Kings - T-Bone Quintet.mscz 39.81 KB

Hi. My scores have the same issue and I've done the stuff said already but its not working for me. If anyone could, could you please help me on both of these scores. They are my scores for my alvl submission (draft 1/2 which i havent finished yet) which are due end of this week. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you thank you.

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Hiii, I hate to pile on, but I also was working on a score that was corrupted and wont open, its very frustrating. I'll attach it here like the others, if someone could somehow repair it for me (or show me how to) I would be so grateful!

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...mscz 39.98 KB

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Maybe my Win7 does not.
The download of his "...mscz" leads to file with the name "mscz" - a file with no extension.
Using your file it will be stored as "Into_the_Stars.mscz". The dots are omitted.

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Open this file with a zip tool. You will find a file 'A Bond Unbroken - copy.mscx'. You can unzip it and it can be opened by MuS 3.6.2. Ignore the message that it was created by a newer version. (This works only with a *.mscx file).

But unfortunately the zip action had an error, so this file cannot be extracted.
Additionally there is a directory named 'Excerpts'. There the individual voices are contained.
You will probably have no choice but to create a new score with these instruments and open these excerpts individually and copy them into the new score.
But unfortunately the alto saxophone excerpt is also broken (no content) and there are only contents for the piccolo flute, the flute, the clarinet, for snare and bass drum as well as for the chimes in the excerpts.
Since at the beginning as well as several times in between in many measures none of these mentioned instruments are playing, there will probably be more missing.
I attach what information I could take from it. MuS 3.6.2.

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A Bond Unbroken_1.mscz 28 KB

Hello. I am having that same problem as well. I am working on a score version for BBC Bitesize's The Sound of Us. However, the message instead says "Error=XML_ERROR_PARSING_TEXT ErrorID=8 (0x8) Line number=1". I tried extracting it, but it then says "Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0". PLEASE HELP!!!

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I forgot to say that the folder ".mscbackup" is hidden. It depends on your operating system and the settings there how you can find and access it.
This folder should be in the same location as your musescore file.

I'm having a similar problem.
I can't open this file, it just closes itself after 5 seconds and doesn't even show an error message.
After converting the backup, which is also corrupted, to .zip and then to .mscx it showed the following error: Error=XML_ERROR_PARSING_TEXT ErrorID=8 (0x8) Line number=1
Anyone have an idea?

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ajr_Worlds_Smallest_Violin.mscz 303.93 KB

You guys are lucky, i'm saving my score online, and there's nothing i could do with it, but the worst thing is, i accidentally replaced THE corrupted score into an OTHER score in the website... and it's my first ever string quartet, i am now in the 4th movement (last movement) and it's all gone... PLEASE MUSESCORE FIX THIS :(

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