4.0.2 - How to create new Custom Dynamic?

• Mar 25, 2023 - 13:31

Musescore 4.0.2

I want to create new dynamic. Instead of "Cresc.." I need "Crescendo molto" and instead "f" (Forte" I want also a "più F" and "molto F"
But I see I can't edit anything preexisting and it seems I can't add custom stuff.

Please can you help me?


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1), 2) and 3) I did search but I but I found only posts about old versions. Not about 4.0.2
Indeed what you posted is about version 3 (2019) that I already followed but it didn't carry out to any result.
Otherwise I was not asking here ... no??!!

Custom Palettes are based on pre-determined stuff.
Nothing make me change the text and put what I want, as I explained. I didn't find anything that enables that.

Indeed also inserting the custom palette, adding the standard, inserting the standard on the score THEN double clicking: NOTHING happens ... right clicking and editing (or F2) in the standard: nothing happens.
In the custom: you can change ONLY the description. Not what you need to see printed into the sheet.

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  1. Create and name a custom palette.
  2. In a score select a note and from the Text palette select Staff Text.
  3. Write the text you want.
  4. Select the text, then release the mouse button.
  5. CTRL+SHIFT and drag the text to your new palette.

You can apply the text to your score, but it won't change playback. For that you will need to use hidden dynamics or other instructions.

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I can't. As I said in the other topic,

I select a note > Dynamic > Cresc.
then back to the panel select Cresc > right click > properties: no way to edit that name. It's possible to edit ONLY the name that appears "on mouse over".

Instead if I right-click on the imported "Cresc." the context men shows an "edit element" but clicking on it: nothing happens for the name.

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It's also the wrong way if you need MusicXML export, or need the formatting or layout to be consistent with other dynamics, or to automatically align with a start or end dynamic , etc. The correct method does all of that plus playback and takes only a second or two longer than creating staff text. And yes, like any other elements, customized crescendo lines can be added to palettes.

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I get that, in the end, the correct way is what the OP was needing. What I suggested does not result in playback or alignment between dynamics. What I suggested can easily be formatted to be consistent with other dynamics. I haven't had any trouble with MusicXML export. It's only the wrong way depending on the need.

For the cresc, see my replies to you elsewhere (short answer: add cresc, edit the text in the Properties panel). For "molto F" etc, just add "f" of "ff" or whatever actual dyhamic you want for playback, then double click to edit the text. Press Shift+F2 to display the Special charecters palette if needed.

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