Jumps ignored after first jump.

• Oct 1, 2014 - 13:38
S4 - Minor

By setting jump and marker properties in 1.3 it is possible to have multiple working jump instructions in a piece but this no longer works in 2.0 b1.
Specifically the first D.S. or D.S. al Coda will work as expected however any following jump instructions are ignored (similar to how repeats don't work after a jump).
The fact that changing the label of a jump or marker changes the type of the element to 'user defined' from e.g. Coda or Segno also suggests that this feature should work - I think!

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I've seen the same behavior with D.C. When doing a D.C. al Fine after a D.C., it just stops at the D.C. al Fine.
measure 5 has Fine, measure 10 has D.C., measure 15 has D.C. all fine and is the last measure.
when playing, it plays the first D.C., and then just stops at measure 15, without going back to measure 1 and running to measure 5. This is not dependent on which barlines are chosen.