creating a 4:3 quadruplet in 3/8 time

• Nov 18, 2009 - 22:50
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can someone explain how to enter the following measure?:

3/8 time sig - a bracketed 4:3 quadruplet consisting of -> a dotted eighth rest; G# dotted eighth note beamed to D natural eighth note


It looks like there is a bug when you try to change the first note of the quintuplet to a rest: it changes the next note to a sixteenth rest.

As a workaround I suppose you could set the first note as invisible and add a rest to voice 2 (see attached).

(Created using MuseScore 0.9.5)

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quintuplet3-8.mscz 1.35 KB

ok but the beam runs into the dotted eighth rest which opens the quadruplet - attached is an export from Noteflight of the piece I was trying to enter by Morton Feldman -- you can see it is correct i.e. it matches the published score

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Triadic_Memories.xml 15.75 KB
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The tuplet number centers over the beam of the g# and d making it look like the dotted eighth rest isn't part of the tuplet. Since the tuplet includes a rest it should automatically have a bracket and the bracket needs to extend to include the rest.

See also #4138: Tuplet bracket position

The bracket still moves away from the first rest for me (tested using r. 2629, Windows XP)

  1. Create new score with 3/8 time signature
  2. Click on one of the empty measures to select it
  3. Notes > Tuplets > Quadruplet
  4. Press . to extend the eighth note duration by an augmentation dot
  5. Press Space to add the first rest

Bracket shrinks on the last step so that it looks like the dotted eighth is not part of the tuplet.