SOund problems with Musescore 4

• May 29, 2023 - 09:37

Musescore 4, sounds terribly rare, like if it has a great echo and all the sounds were overlapping, quite unusable and noisy.
Maybe it is could be related to the package of sounds linked to. But musescore 3 sounds properly


I am having the same issue. Downloaded every single "Muse Sound" but playback sounds terrible. Did not have this problem with version 3 . . . maybe I'll just revert to that unless anyone has advice for running on Windows 10.

Opened the mixer and switched everything to Muse Sounds. Playback was much better, but unfortunately the only organ option is Hammond, which sounds cheesy, and the violin is a bit syrupy. When I switched back to MS Basic, playback now works normally and the pipe organ sounds fine.

Found another flaw: if the Mixer is closed (or even "undocked") the playback problems occur. As long as the Mixer is open and docked, sound playback is normal.

Everyone who has been experiencing choppy / stuttering / laggy sound in MuseScore 4, please see Playback issues on audio devices set to high sample rates. The usual recommended fix is to set your audio device sample rate to 44.1 kHz. Whether that works or not for you, please respond in that thread and provide the requested info, to help us diagnose what might be happening. We'd very much like to figure out why this happens on some systems, so we need help from the people who experience this issue!

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