Musescore 4.1 crashing issue (FIXED)

• Jul 30, 2023 - 05:53

i'm facing an issue with the new Muse 4.1 on my mac ventura 13.5:
- i can't open some of my online scores
- i can't change the playback to musesounds
it just keeps crashing without any error messages, tried to change to musesounds manually and ended up crashing on the second track
i don't face this issue on my lenovo windows 11, perhaps unstable on mac yet?
here i attach 2 mscz file


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for the "Angin Malam" i can't even open it, after loading audio samples its just crash, i haven't touch anything yet. and for "Pamit - copy" i changed the playback to MuseSounds and suddenly its crash, tried change to MuseSounds one by one instruments and after the 2nd instrument (in my case violin ii) it crash

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Then based on what you are describing, the issue would seem to relate to some piece of hardware or software unique to your computer.

Do you by chance have the macOS "hover text" accessibility setting enabled? This has been known to crash a number of programs that use the Qt framework as MuseScore does. I am not sure this is still an issue with the version of Qt used in MuseScore 4, but it could be. Or if not that, could be some other particular OS setting or additional hardware/software on your system. So some experimentation may be in order.

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finally able to open my laptop again after a while
here's a recent log file for the "Pamit-copy", i suppose its crashing because of MuseSampler failure?

2023-08-16T20:52:21.518 | INFO | main_thread | GlobalModule | onPreInit: log path: /Users/mac/Library/Application Support/MuseScore/MuseScore4/logs/MuseScore_230816_205221.log
2023-08-16T20:52:21.518 | INFO | main_thread | GlobalModule | onPreInit: === Started MuseScore 4.1.1, build number 232071203 ===
2023-08-16T20:52:21.523 | WARN | main_thread | IpcSocket | connect: failed connect to server
2023-08-16T20:52:21.523 | WARN | main_thread | IpcSocket | connect: failed connect to server
2023-08-16T20:52:21.524 | INFO | main_thread | IpcSocket | connect: success connected to ipc server
2023-08-16T20:52:21.524 | INFO | 0x700003fac000 | IpcServer | listen: id: "1cd0bcbdaf924559974a71701e051f25"
2023-08-16T20:52:21.585 | INFO | main_thread | DiagnosticsModule | onInit: success start crash handler
2023-08-16T20:52:21.713 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerLibHandler | MuseSamplerLibHandler: Unable to open MuseSampler library, path: /Users/mac/Library/Application Support/MuseSampler/lib/libMuseSamplerCoreLib.dylib
2023-08-16T20:52:21.713 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerResolver | checkLibrary: Incompatible MuseSampler library; ignoring
2023-08-16T20:52:23.387 | WARN | main_thread | AbstractCloudService | readTokens: Could not find the tokens file: /Users/mac/Library/Application Support/MuseScore/MuseScore4/audiocom_cred.dat
2023-08-16T20:52:24.680 | WARN | main_thread | AbstractMenuModel | makeMenuItem: not found action: addCourtesyAccidentals
2023-08-16T20:52:24.680 | WARN | main_thread | AbstractMenuModel | makeMenuItem: not found action: configCourtesyAccidentals
2023-08-16T20:52:24.763 | WARN | main_thread | CloudScoreStatusWatcher | isDownloadedAndUpToDate: Not implemented!!
2023-08-16T20:52:24.766 | WARN | main_thread | CloudScoreStatusWatcher | isDownloadedAndUpToDate: Not implemented!!
2023-08-16T20:52:27.019 | ERROR | main_thread | UpdateScenario | doCheckForUpdate: Unable to check for update, error: [1701]
2023-08-16T20:52:28.724 | INFO | main_thread | ActionsDispatcher | dispatch: try call action: diagnostic-save-diagnostic-files

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OK, so it's one of those runs - where you first start MsueScore normally, then open a score - where it would be good to see the log from. But anyhow, it does seem the issue relates to Muse Sounds specifically, like maybe that installation is corrupted on your machine. So do try uninstalling and reinstalling those.

Meanwhile it would also be good if someone else on macOS reading this could try opening the scores. Works fine on Windows and Linux, but perhaps there is a Mac-only issue with Muse Sounds (that would be most unusual, though).

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HI Marc,
I'm unable to post a query in forums. I tried 'support' because I paid for the Musescore pro. But no solutions. I would like an answer to my query re: (now "Parts") - but when I try to post a question at, the box entitled "forums" is unresponsive to "select a value."
Hence, I can't post a question on forums. Thanks for any suggestions. I've attached a score for the particular question if that helps.

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Will Ye No Come Back.mscz 29.22 KB

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? You just posted this to the forum, so obviously you can post here :-). But, better to start a new thread. From the main support forum page at, click the big blue "Add new forum topic" button toward the top. Not sure where you got the link you tried, but that's not the right one. Still, that too would work if you simply select "Support and bug reports" in the dropdown. But again, that's not the right link anyhow - just click the button on the support forum page itself.

MuseScore Pro has nothing to do with getting support on MsueScore - it's just a special subscription to the score-sharing website that allows for some additional capabilities over there on that site. They provide support for their site, but not support for MuseScore. That is provided here.

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You solved my posting problem. (no crashing though) - I had replied here because I was apparently clicking on Forum/New Forum topic instead of support/but report.
My problem is that I don't know how to add a part (where the score is split into full and individual parts) AFTER the score and parts have been created.

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Sorry for using this venue but this is the only way I can contact you.
Yes, I was able to 'reply' but not post a new topic. I couldn't start a new thread because of the problem I stated.
On this page (Forums) : lies the problem - on "Forum-select a value," it's greyed out - not able to do - the page will not let me post until I fill in this box.

My question is how to add a new typed instrument part to "Parts that I've already created."

Thanks for any help.

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Form you shoed before shouldn't appear at all if you follow the instructions I gave., If you want to see how to get to the right page without needing Please do precisely the following things:

1) go to - this much you should have bookmarked or always know how to type into the browser bar
2) click Support / Forum
3) click "Support and bug reports"
4) click "Add new forum topic"

These steps take you directly to the page where you then type your post, with no need to select anything further from any dropdown lists.

You'd only get to the page you mentioned if you left out step 3 and tried to create a new topic without (first selecting the right forum. Even then you'd merely need to select the proper forum. But again, don't do that. Just do the precise steps I just gave. There won't be any dropdown to select a forum because you'll have already selected it at step three.

Wasn't sure if I should post it here or make my own post, but I'm also having trouble opening some of my online scores on mine as well. I'll note that I'm using Windows 11 on my desktop. Regardless of what score I'm working on it sometimes crashes with no error message

Fyi, both files play without any problem on my system (Win 10, i5, MS 4.1.1). All MuseSounds loaded and played correctly on 'Angin'. And, 'Pamit' (which loaded MS Basic instruments) played fine as well. No crashes.

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