Naming of Documents Side by Side/Stacked

• Nov 24, 2009 - 11:06
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Graphical (UI)

There is more than one way to interpret "Split Horizontal":

  • Tiles stack on top of each other (the line that splits the documents is horizontally oriented)
  • Tiles display side-by-side (the horizontal screen-space is split in two)

My expectation was the first option. Werner's expectation was apparently the second option.

According to Wikipedia naming of the tiling operation changed in Windows Vista to avoid use of the words "horizontal" and "vertical". Similar to Vista I recommend we use the following phrases:

Display > Documents Side by Side
Display > Documents Stacked


Title Naming of vertical/horizontal split Naming of Documents Side by Side/Stacked
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I'd like to resurrect a previous question and suggest a better answer to it. The problem with the name of "Documents Stacked"/"Documents Side by Side" is that it doesn't actually stack documents or lay them out side by side—what it does is split the MuseScore window into two views. While this can be manipulated to position two documents side by side, it doesn't do that automatically, and that's not its only purpose.

Avoiding "vertical" and "horizontal" is smart in this case. But why not "Split View Left/Right" and "Split View Top/Bottom"?