Different wording for slur and lines "line style"

• Oct 10, 2014 - 10:25


In the inspector for a slur we currently have "Line type": solid, dotted, dashed
For a line (pedal etc) we have "Line style": Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDotDot.

It would be good to choose a single expression to denote the Line style/type and a single expression for the different values. Also fix the case.

LibreOffice uses Line Style, so I would consolidate on this. They also use "Continuous", "Dotted", "Dashed". I don't have an english version so I can't check for DashDot and DashDotDot.

Any thought?



I like "continuous" vs. "solid".

As I'm having another text related PR pending, I'll take this on

However: ideas on "DashDot" and "DashDotDash" are needed, they had annoyed me during translations already.

How about "dash-dotted" and "dash-dot-dotted"?

Just one only somewhat related thought: TextLine still shows as a group in Inspector (after selecting, for instance, an ottava) even though there is nothing in it. Should we delete it? I thought about having a field where you can set some properties like text style or text placement, but that's tricky since textlines can have several different texts (begin/continue/end).

I removed the Text Line grouo a few days ago. Might have been a bit premature as Werner just added a property (Line Visible) that could have gone there, but it's probably just as well adding it directly to the "Line" section.

Btw, the Line Visible property shows up for voltas, hairpins, and trills, but isn't actually supported for those types. That's the downside, I guess, of adding it to the "Line" section. Not sure what the proper/desired behavior is, but right now it's a bug I think - you see the chebox, but it doesn't do anything.