reducing spaces between systems on last page

• Apr 25, 2024 - 14:14

How do I reduce the space between systems on the last page (see attached png)? It just looks silly with such a big space. But there isn't enough space on the other pages to force the music on to 4 pages rather than 5. (I've been messing with 'stave spacers' but they don't seem to help.) Thank you.

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There might be an actual setting for this somewhere ot It might be OK by ticking [Format >Style >Page Disable vertical justification of staves] or by adding an invisible frame at the end. Try these but post the score if you're having no luck so that others can experiment. for you.

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There isn't an answer. The solution depends on a) what is in your score, b) what you want it to look like.

So for more detailed help I suggest you start a new thread, attach your score (the .mscz file, not a picture) and explain what you want to achieve.

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