Screen still casscading during use

• May 24, 2024 - 13:58

I have had issues everytime I sign into MuseScore 4/Studio. The screen starts cascading while working on a piece of music or when setting idle. You can't do anything until you move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to stop this. Unfortunately, I spend more time doing this than writing music.

If you have two pieces open at the same time and one of the pieces freezes/casscades, it causing the other document to casscade/freeze as well.

This seems to be getting worse not better. Is there is work-around for this or is there works in progress to stop this issue? I have attached a photo of this issue.

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Casscading Screen.jpg 88.11 KB


I still have not had a response to my issue. This is getting so bad that I can't work on any song that I load and work on. It is constantly cascading and freezing that it locks me out and I have to move the curse to the navigation ares to release it. The cascading returns after about 3-5 seconds after releasing it. HELP NEEDED PLEASE!

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