MS 4 crashing after soundfont installation

• May 25, 2024 - 21:19

Hi, I've tried to install a sound font on Win 11 by double clicking. The installation failed, with an error. But since every time I open the mixer and even mouse over the soundfont selection, MS 4 hangs and will not recover.
I've tried uninstalling MS, deleting all folders. Deleting the Musescore foler in user.
Even after fresh install, no changes.
Can somebody help me?


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"Open with" isn't the way to install a sound font. After downloading and extracting the folder, open the folder and copy and paste the sax font into your MuseScore Sound font folder. Then select it in the mixer.

I put the whole folder in the Font folder, but then, in the mixer, I couldn't select any other fonts I have.

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Maybe maybe not. It's just the way it works now. As I said, I put your sax font in my MuseScore without a problem. It's isn't a work around, in my view. I know some people will say it is a bug, or a regression, or bricked. We are all different. "Open with MuseScore" is just as odd to me as "Copy and paste" may be to you.

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