Description of Partnames in Header/Footer

• Oct 17, 2014 - 14:08
S5 - Suggestion

To have the partname in header or footer is a significant thing for identification
of all pages - f o l l o w i n g page 1 - (which indicates it already).
Otherwise it is hard to separate a batch of printouts with different parts.

As best solution I think of a meta-tag (e.g. $:partName:)
created automatically for the list of avaiable meta-tags
during parts were defined - carrying the recent partname.


I posted on the forum,
* could it be possible to have same name for different metatag for each part ? (Am i clear with that question?)
* it is an improvement to have to write in only once per part, but couldn't it be possible to create a generic tag that could call the intrusment name in the first page, or from the score ? as when creating part there are right named, it could be that ? (i'm not informatician and don't know how it works , but...)

this request is about exactly that, have a meta tag that is automatically created for every part and filed with the part's name.
As a workaround it is (now) possible to create that tag yourself manually and yes, it can (and should) have the same name for every part

Still missing a function to show partnames on page 2, 3, 4 . . . in the program.

At the moment the partnames appear only on the first page but not on all the following pages.

So I have to retype each partname in the header/footer area again.
But I think this is a somehow laborious way and not comfortable enough for such a fantastic software.

Yes - I can use a new meta tag - defined in the score. But the information for each part - with the recent partnames for all selected parts - are not available in this metatag - because it is empty or static. I have no benefit from such a metatag and could retype partnames direct into header/footer as well.

I think of a dynamic solution to show the partnames automatically. The program should transport each partname into a special field or metatag - just like it happens on the first page - so that the recent partname appears correctly on the header/footer - without retyping.

Hope you understand my proposal.

Sure I understand. And I support that request. Entering that partName meta tag into all parts now doesn't buy you much, except you can still use the variable in header/footer if and when that feature request gets done.
There is at least one other feature request that goes into a similar direction but is more important, and may have an influence on this one: the ability to change the partname