Double concert tunning

• Oct 27, 2014 - 14:57
S4 - Minor

If I set concert tuning in score, transposing instruments change their predictor - example trumpets from two sharps to none. And if I look into part, there is the same predictor as in score even if there is not set concert tuning on. If I set it on too, the trumpet predictor will be two b.

It is very good to have possibility to see tuning differently in score and in part.


GIT commit: 1efc609


I assume by "predictor", you mean "key signasture", but I don't understand what you are asking for. You already can have the score in concert pitch and the parts transposed or vice versa - if you press the Concert Pitch button while viewing the score, only the score is affected, and the same for parts.

Yes Key signature. My experience: Originally is music in C. Trumpet has two sharps. I switch concert tune on score on. I see no sharps. I look at the part. There is concert tune off and no sharps in key signature. I try to switch concert tune and trumpet gets two flats. I look at score and there has trumpet two flats too. I switch concert pitch off and trumpet has no key signature (with concert pitch off). Then I look trumpet part. There is no key signature but there is concert pitch on. I switch it off and trumpet gets two sharps. (But sometimes somehow it went insane and switching off all concert tunes on everywhere I did not get the original key signature).