concert pitch change in score affects key signatures of linked parts

• Aug 29, 2014 - 11:39
S4 - Minor

1. Create a score in C major with a flute and a Bb clarinet.
2. Create all parts
3. Switch to concert pitch.
4. Change to part of clarinet.

Although the part is not in concert pitch view, the key signature is C major as in the score (should be D major).

If you enter some music you can see that switching concert pitch in the score only affects notes in the score and not in the linked part. Key signatures, however, are changed in the part as well.

This might have been introduced when fixing #29616: Transpose leaves old key signatures in existing parts.

Using 4f11576 on Mac OS X 10.9.4


Good call. Looks like that fix changed more than it needed to. Also broken now for the same reason is generating parts if the score is at concert pitch the moment you generate the parts - the key signatures in the score will end up being transposed too.

Here's a fix for both problems at once:

The only times this function is ever called are these two situations - pressing the concert pitch button after parts are generated, and generating parts from a concert pitch score. In both cases the wrong thing happens, and in both cases the fix is to revert this particular section of code back the way it was. #29616: Transpose leaves old key signatures in existing parts does not use this section of code and remains fixed.