Workspace names can collide

• Nov 3, 2014 - 18:02
S4 - Minor

At least on Windows, filenames are not case sensitive, just case preserving.
Workspaces are saved into files.
So a Workspace with the name "workspace" and another with the name "Workspace" or "WORKSPACE" are all shown as separate entries in the list of available workspaces, but in real life all refer to one single workspace file.
So I think some kind of filename sanitizing is needed, at least on Windows, or depending on the file system being used.

Another issue is that with the default workspaces of "Advanced" and "Basic" being translatable, it comes as a surprise to the user if, in a non-english locale, one where those words have been translated (e.g. German), workspaces of these names cannot get created, instead en error says that it does already exist. All that user sees though is the translated names... So in e.g. German when trying to create a workspace named "Einfach", an error shows up complaining workspace "Basic" does exists already.
Then again workspaces with the names "advanced" or "basic" (or "einfach") can get created...