Add copyright text crash

• Dec 16, 2009 - 10:04
S2 - Critical

On windows or mac with r2465 self build

Create a new sheet
Create -> Text -> Copyright
On windows --> Crash
On mac, no crash but nothing happends


I'll high jack this issue to post a personal request: include a license dialog so people can choose from a predefined list of licenses as well as put in something themselves. See also a post at the Creative Commons mailing list. The ultimate solution to me is some sort of wizard which helps people to define the license they want, in a similar way as Creative Commons does on their website. Finally the selected license get stored into the MuseScore file using a standard. MuseScore has once again the opportunity to make a difference here.

Links: libLicense, Metdata Table

The interesting part is also to be able to save the license info into the PNG, PDF etc... It's the purpose of liblicense.
You may create a new issue/task for this "long term" project since my first issue was a critical bug.