rests obscured in multi-voice measure

• Dec 16, 2009 - 22:36
S5 - Suggestion

in 0.9.5 rests are always rendered in the standard location - mid-staff.

this is normally ok but not in multi-voice measures. [see measures 1-2 of attached snippet.]

Shouldn't the rests for the lower voice be automatically positioned lower in the staff and for the upper voice, higher - as shown in measures 4-5 ? It's quite cumbersome to select/drag rests, especially when they overlay the other voice.

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Sorry to drag up an old item but I thought it's better than raising a new one on the same subject.

This is still happening in in As jrlowoell said, it's a nuisance having to drag every one elsewhere, especially when they overlap if more than one voice has a rest on the same beat

I haven't tried a nightly yet so this may be included already but It would be even better if, having entered a rest, it could be moved elsewhere with the up/down arrow keys without having to leave Note Entry Mode just like a note.