Voice Order Problems

• Dec 27, 2009 - 02:45
S2 - Critical

When the voice 1 is lower pitch-wise than voice 2 (but on the same staff), the following issues arise. This list is not exhaustive:

1) The voice used for editing is not consistent with what the toolbar says is being used. For example, clicking the sheet music will add notes to voice 1 even though the toolbar says that voice 2 is being used.

2) Clicking on the sheet will change which voice is currently being used.

3) Notes inside a voice may be unselectable.

Please note that when I refer to a "voice," I am not speaking of the Voice instrument, but rather the equivalent of Finale's "layers."


Could you give the version of MuseScore you are using?
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Status (old) active closed

1) I am not able to reproduce an occasion when voice 2 is indicated on the toolbar but voice 1 is added during note entry. (Tested using r. 2526 nightly build)

2) If you are not in note entry mode then clicking on a voice 2 quarter note switches to voice 2 quarter note in the toolbar, clicking on a voice 1 half note switches to voice 2 half note in the toolbar. This is intended behavior.

3) You mention that "notes inside a voice may be unselectable" but do not give an example and explanation of what you mean.