Dialogs should not be on top of all apps

• Dec 24, 2014 - 06:50
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The screens (example F10 and F11) is always on top, even on top of other applications. I suggest it must be on top for Musescore 2, but go the background with the main screen when other application are active / in use

GIT commit: a925ae0


Title Dialogs should not be on top of all apps on Windows Dialogs should not be on top of all apps

Also true (dialogs stay on top when they shouldn't) on Ubuntu 14.10 (3e673e6), so I assume it is probably true on all platforms.

Other points to note:
- This is not the behaviour of other programs (e.g. GIMP, even when "Single Window Mode" is deactivated).
- True for the "Mixer", "Play Panel" and "Start Centre" etc. These all stay on top when they shouldn't.
- Not true for floating toolbars (e.g. "Pallets", "Inspector"). These go behind other windows as they should.
- Also not true for for windows like "Edit -> Preferences..." or "Styles -> General...".

Status (old) fixed active

To fix this, in file "mscore/mixer.cpp" simply remove the line:

   setWindowFlags(this->windowFlags() | Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint);

This does the trick because the stay-on-top attribute was already implied by making the main window a "parent" and the Mixer a "child" of the main window. However, someone with a Max will need to see if this breaks the fix to #15629: Mac: Play Panel doesn't float above main window. If it works it should be safe to make the same change in "playpanel.cpp", "masterpalette.cpp" and "synthcontrol.cpp" too.

Also, while you're at it you might consider replacing the line:




This gets rid of the silly "Maximize" button which doesn't really make sense in the Mixer, Play Panel or Synthesizer. (See: //qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qt.html#WindowType-enum .)
Mixer_without_maximize.png )
I suppose it might make sense to have a "Maximize" option for the Master Palette in a multi-monitor setup.

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Status (old) active fixed

It appears somebody beat me to it and fixed it, but my previous comment is still relevant for removing the "Maximise" button.

I changed some top level windows to "Tool" as suggested. On my kubuntu it removes the minimize button, the maximize button is still there...

My Windows 8.1u1 also only shows the "X" on these floating windows. Only the Master Palette shows an extra icon on the left.


2.0 Beta 2 I assume? If so: it had been fixed later, 2.0 RC should be out any minute now, so wait a bit or use the latest available nightly build.