Adding screencasts to the handbook pages

• Jan 31, 2010 - 15:33
S5 - Suggestion

The video tutorials by Katie are terrific. What if we would add video tutorials to the handbook?

As an example: this video could be embedded in the Note Entry handbook page.

What's also interesting to know is that youtube videos can be subtitled and even the translations can be added.


This issue was in fact an open question. Would it be good to add them? If so: inline or as a separate block at the bottom so it does interfere with the print friendly output?

I'm in two minds about it. The information is excellent and well presented. The problem I have is with the begin and end which feel very much like an advertisement rather than simple credit. For me the promotion feels out of character from the rest of the help documentation.

Thanks for moving me to check out the video. Well done, and I will contact her about that.

I have no problem, personally, about the bumph at the beginning and end in the present format, however, like David, I question whether is should be a part of the official information.


The license and the promotional aspect of the video are indeed two issues which make it difficult to add the videos inline. What about adding a section at the bottom of the handbook page 'External References': these could be links to blogs, videos, ... which give useful extra information regarding the subject of the handbook page. It's like external references in a Wikipedia page.

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An update on this issue: There is now a dedicated channel for Katie's video tutorials at which is part of the MuseScore project.

Here is an example how the new video looks like since it handles the issues with remark #2 and #3

Answering on #2: The videos are licensed under CC-by-nc-sa which means that anyone can use, modify, remix them with the exception that it is for non commercial use only and that the videos are shared under the same license. Also Katie Wardrobe has to be attributed.

Answering on #3: The advertisement is taken away and has become a simple credit under the form of attribution to Katie on the license frame and a link to Australian workshops in the last frame. The start of the video is completely clean.

With those two issues resolved, we could embed these videos in the handbook. I believe the biggest opportunity is that handbook translators also can translate the video captions and have them embedded in the localized handbook. Translating the whole handbook has been a challenging task to translators and starting with translating the video captions is a very quick and rewarding task for the translator. It will also benefit directly to the adoption of MuseScore since people love to watch a tutorial, rather than reading text.

I have two technical challenges on my plate:

  1. Setting up a translation workflow for captions on
  2. Making a filter for embedding youtube videos. We don't want people to embed the html code, but rather use a youtube filter