Play Panel: the BPM speed indicator disappears and reappears while changing the value.

• Jan 1, 2015 - 09:10

Open a score;
View / Play Panel;
Move the Time cursor with the mouse.
The percentage and BPM values change simultaneously.
Move the Time cursor with Up/Down arrows:
The value BMP become intermittent



Can you please elaborate? Your score contains more than one tempo text? The percentage shouldn't change along a piece except if you move the tempo slider. The BPM would change if you have different tempo text in your score.

Title Play Panel Play Panel: the BPM speed indicator disappears and reappears while changing the value.

I'm surprised that this issue is still on "needs info". I saw exactly the same problem and wanted to open a new issue on it...

So to clarify it: as showed on the screenshot, the BPM indication (upper right corner on the panel) disappears sometimes when you change the value with the vertical slider.
For example, I open the panel and the bpm speed is visible. Then I increase (with the slider) the tempo from 100% to 101%, the bpm speed indication disappears, then I increase to 104%, it reappears, then I go to 106%, it disappears again, etc.

(I've changed the title to make it more precise)


I am not seeing this. Both the BPM reminder and the more relevant percentage value update smoothly whether I move the tempo scaling factor with my mouse or keyboard. Can you post a sample score and precise step by step instructions to reproduce?

Also say what OS. Maybe it is Vista only?

To reproduce (under Windows7)

1) Open "My First Score", and display the Play Panel (F11)
1 Play panel.jpg
2) Click left on the tempo cursor

3) Hit arrow Up (or Down) one time

Result: ok
2 step.jpg

4) Hit arrow Up (or Down) a second time

The BMP indicator disappears.
3 BPM.jpg
Same result if you continue by this way (by hitting step by step the arrow). With the mouse also, if you increase very slowly et step by step the value.
4 step.jpg
The BMP appears again by hitting constantly the arrow (or by a more important jump via the mouse)
So, rather minor thing (or normal?), but which must be reported.


Same as cadiz1 (thank you for the good screenshots). Version 2.0 beta 2 on Win7

The bug is not fully deterministic (sometimes it disappears on the first UP, sometimes only at the second or third UP or...).
And if you resize the whole panel, it always reappears (window refresh).

Indeed, I cannot reproduce, me too.
After investigation, I notice a change which goes back to February 11.

- on February 10, with these commits: d302da7, and df13fd2, we observe the behaviour described initially in this issue, to sum:
- After click (somewhere, no matter) on the Tempo slider, the BMP indicator disappears by hitting step by step the arrows Up/Down
- But the volume slider works fine by using same arrows

- Since February 11, with these commits: 0f4605d, 620c997, and 5020852, we observe the current behaviour, ie:
- After click on the Tempo slider, AND on the Volume slider, nothing happens: the arrows are fully ineffective.
As described also in comments #2 and #4 of this thread:

- After a first verification, I am not able to know where the change might be located for now.