Clef changes in the middle of a measure can cause note discrepencies

• Feb 10, 2010 - 08:56
S4 - Minor

1) Create score with treble clef
2) Add notes a3, g3, f3, e3, d3
3) Drag a bass clef from Clefs in palette to the e3 note
4) In correctly inserts the clef before e3 and translates the e3 to bass clef notation
5) Drag a treble clef to d3

The d3 is displayed as b3 (which lower d in bass clef), but still *plays* as d3.
Adding notes with the keyboard to the right of the treble clef does not work in the correct clef anymore.

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I can confirm and reproduce the bug in 0.9.5 but it seems to already be fixed in the latest revisions.

(Tested using 0.9.5 stable and r. 2701 nightly, Windows XP).

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I believe this bug still exists in version 1.0. See attached (created under 1.0 in Windows XP): if you key an A (440) using the keyboard into the last quaver of bar 19 in any of the first 4 staves, it appears as an F, i.e. is internally still using the bass clef, which has been added as a mid-measure clef change for a cue earlier in that bar. It plays back as A but is written incorrectly. This bug applies to all following bars, i.e. it is impossible to continue the piece. It appears some internal toggle setting is not being updated correctly at the second mid-measure clef change. I have experienced a similar issue also when pasting bars from a part in one clef into a part in another clef - as reported by Marco Sabatella on another related clef issue, this is hard to detect because it plays back correctly, and may only be discovered after extracting parts.

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Title Clef changes in the middle of a measure can cause note discrepencies. Clef changes in the middle of a measure can cause note discrepencies

Can you check 1.1?

Wasn't sure about priority.

OK fair enough re priority, although to my mind this is quite a serious bug and seems to have been out there in various forms for a long time to judge by the forum. I have attached a new test file created under version 1.1 showing the problem is not fixed in that version, and also that it applies to a second mid-measure clef change EVEN WHEN NOT IN THE SAME BAR AS THE FIRST.

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Ok thanks for your mail - French violin clef like the other guy, even though I read that - I sure am an idiot. Thanks for sorting me out...

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OK - this also made me realise why a score I had was doing the same.

We'll just close this then :).