"Edit Element" does not give any visual feedback about Edit Mode being enabled for some elements if Inspector is not activated

• Jan 26, 2015 - 12:04
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor
by design

GIT commit: aa3d4df

Turn off Inspector.
Right-click on a note or something and select "Edit Element". Nothing happens, only some elements are grayed out.
Workaround: Turn on Inspector.


"Edit Element" puts an element into edit mode. It has the same effect as double clicking an element. In edit mode you can move a notehead grahically with the cursor keys for example.

Yes, but for some elements, like note heads, you don't get any visual feedback about it being in edit mode, it still looks the same as if it were merely selected.
Some other elements, like lyrics, you get at least a cursor, on slurs you get the handles, etc.

Only hint at it is in the lower left corner of the status bar, which then reads 'edit mode'

Title "Edit Element" does not work if Inspector is not activated "Edit Element" does not give any visual feedback about Edit Mode being enabled for some elements if Inspector is not activated

Other elements not giving a visual feedback of being in edit mode (except of that tiny 'edit mode' in the status bar) include accidentals, articulations and ornaments, breaths and pauses, key- and time sigs, clefs.

I don't have any good idea though how a better visual feedback should look.
Maybe showing a box around the element? Like it is done for text elelemts, but without a Cursor?
Or a single handle, like there are multiple for slurs or 2 for barlines?

I don't think that would make sense. The meaning of edit mode has nothing to do with the Inspector - it is about enabling direct adjustments, period. Besides, once an element is in edit mode, I don't think you can even use the Inspector without leaving edit mode. Having a single handle appear would be the most natural solution to me, if a solution is needed. Or, perhaps, a change of cursor shape any time you are in edit mode.

I'm talking about the mouse cursor. It's still there on my system, same arrow shape it mormally is. I'm suggesting it could change to cross hairs or something.

Would it be possible to show a zoomed in overlay of the affected measure so that it is easier to make fine adjustments? I get the impression that edit mode is meant for making direct adjustments with a mouse.

Not necessarily the mouse - the keyboard is usually easier. But still, doing a zoomed in overlay is a nice idea for an enhancement someday. Meanwhile, of course, you can always zoom in manually.