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• Feb 4, 2015 - 21:12

Sorry, my first time using this, and am trying to create a guitar part score. As I add notes to a measure, the software adds the appropriate rests to balance that measure, which I understand. Sometimes I add notes, past an automatically added rest, and I think that I will go back later, and delete the rest, but I can't.

Example - I have an 1/8 rest in the middle of the measure, that is not supposed to be there. I put my last eighth note in that measure, and the software pushes it over, making it the first note of the next measure, because I cannot delete the rest symbol. There must be a way to delete a rest symbol.

Thank you.


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Deleting notes leaves rests because every bar HAS to have the logic of music time. You can replace rests with notes but you cannot "remove" them.

Deleting notes will NOT move other notes in any direction. There are many threads in the forums that cover this and why this is so. A short search will find them.

If you want to move notes "back" toward the beginning, select them, cut them and paste them in the new place. Be aware that durations of the selected notes will NOT change to fit the previous rhythm.

Again, there are numerous threads here which explain why this is so.


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When you say "back" you mean "toward the beginning" (this too is discussed extensively). As I said in the previous answer this will not happen. Again, if you are curious or want to be more sure, I encourage you to take the time to read some of the many threads that discuss this.


If you are seeing an action in one measure push a rest into the next measure, it sounds liek you might have a corrupt measure in your score. We'd need you to post the score (not just a picture of it; the actual MSCZ file) to help further.

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