Implode doesn't work if notes on the 2nd staff are in another voice

• Feb 10, 2015 - 18:50
S5 - Suggestion

Env: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
GIT commit: f1ab7b3 (nightly build)
GIT commit: a925ae0 (Version 2 beta 2)

If the notes in staff 2 are in voice 2, the impode command does nothing.


Any note in another voice is ignored.


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This is indeed currently the design. It has two modes - either imploding the voices of a single staff, or a single voice in multiple staves. The more general case just explodes in complexity. Could be considered someday, but we'd have to very carefully define the semantics. For now, the feature is what it is.

OK- Didn't realize the complexity behind it. I kind of figured it as a 'simple copy' from staff 2 to voice2 in staff 1.
Anyway, so be it at the moment.
Thanks for the super quick reply.

The complexity has to do with the increased possibility of different rhythms in different voices, etc. Also the possibiltiy that you might want all staves voice 1 combined into the top staff vocie 1, all staves voice 2 combined into to staff voice 2, etc, versus the possibility you might simply want everything combined into a single voice on a single staff. Sounds like you were expecting the former, but I was actually assuming more people would want the former, which is how the implode commands when applying to a single staff. Ultimately, we'd probably want a dialog and some configurable options.

your guess is right. I deliberately switched the voice in the 2nd staff to be voice 2, before trying to combine the 2 staffs in staff 1. I figured that you would need multiple voices anyway if the length of any note in both staffs don't match.
This is how I discovered that the implode functionaly is limited to exact the same rythm and all in voice 1.

If the functionaly were to be expanded to change notes to appropriate voice if the note length deveates between staffs one can combine any staff. I realize that the logic behind this can be rather complex.
The next change to keep a 'predefined' a voice in any subsequent staff as much as possible is then an easy one.

Anyway, something for the future!

Please don't get me wrong, I am only a few month playing around with MuseScore and I am VERY enthousiastic about MuseScore, especially on version 2 which is a BIG step forward!

Your suggestions (and enthusiasm) are appreciated!

There is some logic for combining parts with different rhythms, if they are all in different voices within one staff. This can be useful for creating a piano reduction of an SATB score, for example. It works well for sufficiently simple cases, but of course, there simply is no way to combine an arbitrary number of independent parts onto a single staff.