Spaces between music track and lyric,, and spaces between tracks

• Mar 3, 2010 - 20:49
S5 - Suggestion

Can I have the ability to do the following:
1. Adjust the amount of spaces between treble clef and the first row of lyrics. Sometime the downward pointing stems can obscure the text underneath.

2. Adjust the amount of spaces between rows (1st row's base clef and 2nd row's treble clef). If often wanted to narrow the gap between first row's bass-clef and second-row's treble-clef in songs, to allow the song staying in one page.


RE: Xavierjazz, post #2
This drives me nuts. I love Musescore (it does have its issues but it's still the best) but when I need to look up an answer online, I notice all of the verbal abuse you people give to those who have the nerve to ask a question. When I do a search on an issue using your Search box, it doesn't differentiate between forums or issues, etc. Almost 100% of the time, when I click on a Search result, there's a person in there trying to humiliate the poster for putting their question in the wrong spot. It's very frustrating to keep opening search results trying to find someone who will answer the question.

If you don't want someone to accidentally post something outside of the forum, then make it impossible to do so. Differentiate between your online handbook and your forums. Right now, it's all muddled together. When someone posts a question in the wrong spot, explain what they did and give information about posting in the forums instead of making insulting comments. Those don't help anyone.

Also, when I registered, I was given information about using Musescore online. Nowhere did it explain about only posting in the forums, and how to use the online handbook and not post in it. By the quantity and quality of the nasty messages out here, to those who couldn't find their answer in the local handbook, those who asked a newby question considered to be "stupid," those who post in the wrong spot, etc., I almost feel like it's done on purpose, so that you can vent at those who make a mistake.

Oh, and I'll beat you to the punch: "Oops! My reply isn't supposed to be posted here!"

I have no intent to humiliate you or discourage you. I don't consider you or any others "stupid". I welcome your involvement.

Who are "you people"? Almost all of us are users who are trying to take some of the load off of the developers, and are eager to help.

It is unfortunate that my brevity upset you.