Diminuendo shortcut doesn't work (still doesn't work)

• Feb 25, 2015 - 18:12

Hi there...
Diminuendo shortcut > doesn't work. Crescendo < is ok.
Windows 10 Pro 9926 64-bit.



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I know you are polish, so I tried to guess which keyboard layout you could use. qwertz looked the more probable... but anyway, not the problem here.

On the polish programmer keyboard, > is mapped to Shift + . which is also the shortcut for stacatto. I can't guarantee it but if you go to Preferences > Shortcut and undefine the "Add stacatto" shortcut, it could be that the > shortcut will work.

I have an UK/Irish keyboard and the diminuendo does not work for me either, but I think I may have found the conflict (I have not changed shortcuts before because I didn't know you could until now!!)

On my keyboard the crescendo sign is a Shift+',' and the diminuendo is a Shift+'.' . However, staccato is designated as a Shift+'.' However, when I press Shift+'.' I get neither a staccato or a diminuendo!

When I try to redefine diminuendo, it tells me that the key combination that I pressed was Shift+'>'. If I tell it to add this as a definition, nothing happens when I try to add dim. When I tell it to replace it, I get a staccato!! If i delete the staccato shortcut, nothing happens.

Safe to say that it is a conflict in shortcuts. Now to try and decide which I use more!

BTW I found out loads of things that I didn't know I could do from that list (adding notes to chords for a start). I would recommend that beginners to Musescore (but used to music software or PC's in general) should be pointed at this list and at the fact that it can be printed off as a list of controls.

Indeed, there are tons of different keybaord layouts in the world, and it's going to be impossible to avoid conflects on all of them, so people will have to get used to customizining shortcuts from time to time. That said, this particualr conflict (staccato versus diminuendo) comes up often enough that I think it worth considering changing the defaults. Trouble is, I don't have a good suggestion.

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There has been discussion of this, also things like separate shortcut sets for accessibility, etc. And a way of saving / loading shortcuts sets.

But documentation would be kind of a pain if we had different default shortcuts for things. I guess the localized versions of the documentations could cover that, but still, things like this forum, etc - could be confusing.

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