Change instrument drops flats in name

• Mar 11, 2010 - 21:44

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Create new score for flute
2. Right-click on an empty part of the staff and choose "Staff Properties..."
3. Click "Change Instrument"
4. Choose "Bb Trumpet"
5. Press "OK"

Expected behavior: Staff should be labeled "Bb Trumpet"

Actual behavior: Staff is labeled "B Trumpet" (the flat sign is missing)

MuseScore version: r. 2867 nightly

(Operating System: Windows 7)



This issue is related to several other ones

  • Instrument name with flat or sharp are not well exported to MusicXML
  • Instrument name with flat or sharp are not well exposed to plugins

In the lilypond export, there is a "fix" to cope with this problem by replacing the character number of flat in the MScore font by the Unicode equivalent.

Maybe a way to solve all this issue is to follow Unicode in the MScore font and put the flat symbol the right place?
Same for sharp
And maybe others.

In plugin, the current code (>r3355) circumveils the issue by replacing the flat mscore1 codepoint by the unicode one in all the outputed string (title, partnames etc...)

I'm using 1.3 on a Mac. Still having the same issue, even with new score created from scratch. Cannot find a way to include the flat symbol in a score name.

In general, things lsted as fixed in the issue tracker are not fixed for any 1.X release, but for the upcoming 2.0.

But you might want to post your score to the support forum, where someone an probably help you with workarounds for 1.X.