Sample of last measure with hidden time signature

• Mar 15, 2015 - 17:20


I just wanted to send another user a message about what to do with the "last measure" that doesn't have enough beats for the time signature.

That is, add a time signature and make it "hidden" so it won't be viewed on MuseScore online or printed.

Picture of what I do attached.


The usual way to handle this is right click the measure and set the desired actual time signature in Measure Properties. Then there is no time signature to hide.

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Default layout is indeed significantly improved!

When I said minor, I meant minor. I have to move a few objects around so they are lined up properly, and change staff spacing so the page breaks are where I want them to be. Probably mostly due to work-arounds I came up with. (Like the work-around I started this thread with, which now I find was unnecessary.)

I had thought it was necessary when I read this thread:

No big on the minor import issues... and it gives me a chance to look at what I've done to date and correct minor errors, etc.

MS2RC (not to be confused with MST3K) is a huge improvement!

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