Segfault when clicking on "Accidentals" side panel

• Apr 3, 2010 - 02:26
S2 - Critical

Using rev. 2925M, Ubuntu 9.10

The other side panes work fine, but once I click on "Accidentals", I get a crash.


I'm not able to reproduce the crash using r.2931 nightly, Windows 7.
Does it crash when you click on the "Accidental" heading or when you click inside the palette. Do you have notes selected before hand?

Still crashing on R2934 nightly.

It crashes when I click on the heading so that it will expand.

Either selected or no, it will crash when attempting to expand it.

There is no useful terminal output other than "Segmentation fault"

aye, I just compiled the latest on Lucid and I can't get this to happen. Something must be afoot with my install on Karmic.

I have tried it in version 0.9.6 RC1 (Windows Vista Home Basic) and the same problem arise. Clicking in accidentals' palette cause a program crash.


I haven't been able to reproduce since I did a fresh install of Lucid.

I thought that I had cleaned out all configuration files via apt-get purge and deleting all the rest I could find. The segfaults happened every single time I clicked on "Accidentals" regardless of score.

It seems in my case. (Windows Vista Home Basic. 0.9.6 RC1)
But I have (lots of) Windows' pending updates, as I usually use Ubuntu. Maybe someone else can also check it.